Levi Van Veluw (NL)


Levi Van Veluw (NL)

Workspace II (2016)

A Grid with Purpose (2017)

Irregularity of Depth (2017)

Levi Van Veluw is a multidisciplinary artist inspired by science fictions that speak of things that are theoretically possible but unpresentable in scientific reality. His pictorial language is geometrical. We have seen geometry used in art history to explore the transcendental as well as the social. But in Van Veluw’s hands, we see it in the context of the fictional, as it draws us to an unfamiliar reality that we can only grasp in speculative fiction.His darkish Kafkaesque images are like fragments of an alternative universe that seem governed by supreme bureaucracy, depicting the order of things neatly constructed, calculated, and arranged in a cosmic office. The geometrical structures chamber space in rhythmical compartments as if to categorize space in an archive. Van Veluw’s sculptures, therefore, reveal a strange sense of a Lacanian Abyss. They are more a place than objects and they stand forever out of reach.